Dipl.-Inf. Jorgen Schäfer

IT Consultant


My name is Jorgen Schäfer. As a senior software developer, I am looking forward to support you with excellent IT consultancy services. With over 10 years of professional experience, I can offer skills and knowledge on a wide range of topics that can benefit you and your company.

Skills: Python ⋅ JavaScript ⋅ Ruby ⋅ Go ⋅ Emacs Lisp ⋅ Debian GNU/Linux ⋅ openSUSE ⋅ Apache ⋅ nginx ⋅ PostgreSQL ⋅ Redis ⋅ memcached ⋅ Postfix ⋅ Git ⋅ Django ⋅ Celery ⋅ AJAX ⋅ REST ⋅ HTML/CSS ⋅ NodeJS ⋅ Jasmine ⋅ Selenium ⋅ Vagrant ⋅ Ansible ⋅ SaltStack ⋅ Continuous Integration/Deployment ⋅ TDD/BDD ⋅ Project Management ⋅ Scrum ⋅ DevOps ⋅ and more …


Do you need a technical article, either for your company’s blog to connect with your community or for internal training? Contact me with your ideas and we can discuss what will work best for your specific case.


Talks and Training

More direct than any article, live presentations allow me to tailor a talk directly to the level of prior knowledge of your audience. I can also work with you to create and conduct a hands-on training session on any new technology you wish you introduce to your developers.

Selected prior talks:

  • Introduction to Git
  • Devops, Cloud & Co: Current Trends in Software Development and System operations
  • Why systemd?

Software Development

Do you need short term support for an important software project? I can assist your team or fulfill small assignments directly.

Please keep in mind, though, that a project which is already late rarely benefits from just adding new members. Future projects will benefit from better planning, though. I can assist you in converting your development infrastructure to modern methodologies like Scrum and DevOps.